What is True Life?

What to expect

True Life is a new church just over a year old. This means you're not the only new person. Everyone is new. As a new church we are laid back, simple, and a great place to meet other people and develop friendships. We have a strong value of hospitality and want to do whatever we can to make your first time visiting (and every time after that) us an enjoyable experience. Every week we do three things. We open the Bible and learn about life with Jesus (you can listen to some sermons here), we sing some songs, and we have childcare for kids. We'd love for you to come check things out.

True Life Kids

Currently we provide childcare for kids 6mo-8 years of age. We create a simple, safe, and secure environment for kids to play in while you are attending the service. All kids volunteers are background checked and will strive to provide the best care for your child. When you arrive look for the sign directing you to our Kid space or ask a volunteer to show you the way.

Where we meet

We meet as a church every Sunday at 5PM at Sloan’s Lake Community Church.
2796 Utica St Denver, CO 80212

What we believe

We want to help you come to know and love the true Jesus. Not a caricature, mere teacher, or religious figure, but a living God. This is not a god that merely exists and yet is distant from us. This is not a god who is just concerned about the right and wrong check boxes in our lives. Nor is this a god who just cares about us "feeling" good. The true God is Jesus. He is a living person that invites us to get to know him and see what life with him is like.


Because of Jesus we are invited into a family. Life was not meant to be lived alone. It was not meant to be lived in proximity and yet distance from others. He invites us to explore, celebrate, eat, cry, grow, serve, encourage, learn, and journey together in community. We want to help you experience the true community that God intends for us.


God invites us to be a part of his plan and mission in the world. We believe that every part of our life is significant when it is following God’s purpose. He put us on this earth for a reason and we want to help you discover and experience your true purpose in life by being a part of God’s purposes in the world.