A church in Denver to help you apply your faith,
make awesome friends, and make a real difference


A church in Denver to help you apply your faith, make awesome friends, and make a real difference.

Make Friends



 True Life Church
2525 W 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80211


Learn a faith that improves your life

Faith doesn’t have to be boring it can change your work, school, marriage, parenting, everything

Form a close group of friends

Meet people you can have fun and be real with

Become a person whose faith is compelling

Develop a life that makes an impact



Teaching to move your heart, grow your mind, and help your life.  Check out a sample here:



You don’t have to face life alone. You don’t have to parent alone, do marriage alone, do career alone, suffer alone. What could change if your life was lived with Jesus? He wants to give you more of his wisdom, help, and guidance. If you are just exploring faith or coming back to church this will help you consider the life he invites you to. If you have been a Christian for a long time and have begun to feel the pressures of faithfulness or just feel you need a fresh start there is no better way than to start at the beginning, with Jesus. In this series we will explore the book of Luke and what can happen to us when life is lived with Jesus.

Feel free to join us on Sunday mornings and find out more. 


  • Resisting Temptation - Caled Davis
  • Experiencing God's Approval - Caleb Davis
  • The True Message Of Christianity - Caleb Davis
  • Luke 1, Receiving God's Promises - Caleb Davis
  • Luke 1, The Kind Of Faith We Need - Caleb Davis
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Upcoming Events

Being a Christian in Denver

We will be exploring how to have a confident and compelling faith that is authentic, wise, and gracious in Denver.

Date: Mon, Feb 17th

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Membership Class

A class for anyone interested in becoming a member of True Life. We believe our life with Jesus is about so much more than Sundays.

Date: Sun, Feb 23rd

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What will you experience at True Life?

For most people looking for a new church in Denver can be hard. Being new to a city can be lonely. Coming back to church after years can be scary.
At True Life we’ve created a crazy-welcoming community especially designed for new people that way you can stop searching and start experiencing the faith and friends you are looking for.
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We know how hard it is to find a church where you feel like you can fit in, meet people, grow closer to God, help your kids grow, and actually enjoy it. It’s a lot.
We never want Sunday to be a boring chore for you. We want it to be the best day of your week where you can learn, laugh, hangout with friends, and have your week start off in the right direction.
For the last several years True Life Church has been helping people experience faith and friendship in a new way. We are a non-denominational church built on the belief that there is more to life than we think and Jesus is the one that brings it. We have a church filled with many kinds of people: people wanting faith to be the center of their life, people who previously were done with church, people that grew up in church but were missing something, and people who are new to Denver but now found a group of friends they can’t imagine not having. We want all this for you too.
At True Life you will 1. Learn a better way to engage with Jesus and not religion. This will give you a deeper joy and a practical faith that helps you in all areas of life: work, relationships, parenting, stress, dating, etc. 2. See how the Bible’s wisdom has helped us form a community of friends where you can be real, have fun, and have practical help with life. 3. Apply a framework for living faithfully and respectfully in our world so you can make a difference and have a faith you are not embarrassed of.
Jesus wants you to live the life you were made for. Church should be a place you can experience this. We don’t want you to end up going through the motions. We don’t want you to be around people but not meaningfully connected. There is more to life than this. You can known the true Jesus, develop true community, and live with true purpose. Come visit us on Sunday and see what the life God truly has for you can be.

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 True Life Church
2525 W 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80211